TFDC Chapter 49.2

Chapter 49.2 - Night Prince is injured

Countess of Chaoxia’s face was even more dead, she could never, in a million years, have thought that brother Ye would actually appear here.

She’d never thought that he’d actually take the whip for Lou Qingwu so her whole body was frozen.

The hand holding the iron whip also started to tremble as her eyes instantly reddened, “Ye … brother Ye …”

She didn’t do it on purpose, she really didn’t do it on purpose.

Feng Yege’s whole body was in front of Lou Qingwu and his phoenix eyes narrowed, his whole body emitted a cold air that almost froze everyone here.

Countess of Chaoxia only took one look and felt like everything was going black.

She wanted to say something but when she looked at Feng Yege’s coldly handsome face, she couldn’t say a single word, only her tears silently rolled down her face.

Her hand loosened and the iron whip fell from her hands to the floor.

Feng Yege didn’t seem to feel any pain as he expressionlessly loosened his hand too.

His bloody and mutilated palm made the countess’ body tremble in fear.

“Send the guests off!” Feng Yege’s mouth straightened to a lighten as his thin lips spat out two cold words, not allowing for any disagreement.

Hearing the coldness in his words, the Countess of Chaoxia couldn’t help but cry out, “Brother Ye, let Yiren first take a look at your hand okay? Brother Ye, Yiren really didn’t do it on purpose …”

The rest of her words were cut off when she met Feng Yege’s apathetic gaze.

She turned around and ignored the housekeeper as she cried and fled.

As the crying sound grew fainter and fainter, the whole little courtyard was still in a dead silence.

Lou Qingwu looked dazedly at the figure in front of her.

It was tall and big enough to completely protect her from top to bottom.

But the scent of blood still wafted to her and made her brows furrow.

She moved her slightly numb legs to move in front of Feng Yege.

She knew that he’d be injured but seeing his mutilated and bloody palm, she still froze.

Her usually indifferent eyes flashed something.

Feng Yege’s whole body’s aura was still low and the housekeeper didn’t dare to move.

Lou Qingwu moved forward and reminded, “First go get your master’s medical trunk.”

“Ah, yes, yes!”

The housekeeper then came to his senses and immediately hurried to the rooms.

He quickly came out with a medical trunk and a basin with clear water.

Feng Yege lowered his eyes to watch her but didn’t move.

Lou Qingwu suddenly sighed and pulled at his clothes corner, tugging him towards the corner of a stone table.

She made him sit down as she first used the clear water to wash his wounds clean.

Then only did she use medicine to carefully place it on his wounds before finally, using a clean cloth to bandage the wound.

Finally, she thought for a bit, lifted her head up and looked him in the eye before then tying a childish butterfly bow on top for him.

When he looked at that childish butterfly bow, the coldness in Feng Yege’s melted.

He narrowed his eyes as brightness flashed in the bottom of his eyes.

He lifted up his hand and looked at it a few times before looking at the girl who was still standing quietly to his side, “Did that just scare you?”

Lou Qingwu looked at him in the eye and then shook her head, “It didn’t.”

Feng Yege’s mood then brightened and looked at her a few more times, “It’s surprising that you actually still remembered.”
Lou Qingwu’s mouth corner twitched and couldn’t help but turn up, “This subject-girl had already started remembering things at 6 years old.”

“And you’re still so childish.” But even though he said that, he couldn’t help but touch the butterfly bow a few times.

Lou Qingwu raised a brow, “Then undo it. This subject-girl will help the prince to re-bandage your wound.”

“No need.” Feng Yege glanced at her and quickly pulled away his hands.

He raised an eyebrow as he rejected her but when he pulled away, it was unknown whether he thought she would actually undo it or something else.

He stood there as he hid his injured behind his back, his slightly upturned face returning back to tis usual cold and elegant expression.

“This prince has already healed the person you wanted to help and according to that prescription, in half a month, it should be fine. Of course, don’t forget our agreement.”

Lou Qingwu looked at the man in front of her who was clearly trying to change the topic but didn’t expose him.

She just nodded and knew that he was talking about being his personal maid for two days, “This subject girl remembers. In half a month, I’ll personally deliver myself to your door.”

Feng Yege heard the word “personally” and the light in his eyes blazoned before slowly dying, “…. That’s good.”



Yiren is the Countess of Chaoxia’s first name - the fact that she uses “Yiren” when she address herself and not “this countess” shows how close she thinks her relationship is.

Feng Yege’s middle name is tsundere.

I couldn't find an uglier crying picture that I still liked, so the annoying countess is extremely pretty now.

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