TFDC Chapter 35.1

Chapter 35.1 - The crime of deceiving the emperor

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“... no sons grass.” Calmly looking at the item between her hands, Lou Qingwu’s voice held a thread of coldness.

But underneath that, held something else, and when she spoke those three words, the imperial consort Rong who stood to the side, her face changed imperceptibly, but any other changes were reigned in harshly by her.

“No sons grass? What is that?” Why hadn’t he heard of that before?”

“This infertility grass is a type of medicinal grass that enters through a person’s body through the air. If it’s a pregnant woman who breathes in the medicinal grass’ powder, it won’t affect the body of the pregnant woman, only the fetus.

It would make the fetus die from poison and die in the womb. That’s where it got it’s name, no sons … grass.”

She hadn’t originally known about this grass, but who let her good little sister purposely introduce her to it, just as she was about to die?

So that’s why she would know about this so clearly, this detailed introduction and the … bone crushing hurt.

Once she finished speaking, the room fell into dead silence as well.

Everyone’s hearts seemed to suddenly be constricted, as if they were unable to take a large breath.

They hadn’t heard of this so-called no sons grass, but they didn’t dare to say anything more.

This Lou eldest daughter spoke so assuredly, then could this no sons grass actually have killed consort Ying?

Then who actually had the guts to so blatantly scheme to kill of this unborn little prince?

The emperor’s face turned green as he stared straightly at the no sons grass, the veins on the side of his forehead pulsing.

But he still had his doubts, “Are you sure that this no sons grass caused my prince’s tragic death?”


“Where’s the imperial doctor. Do you recognise this no sons gras?”

The emperor growled as the imperial doctors became even more uneasy.

They didn’t dare to even raise their heads up because they … had never even heard of it.

Did this world really have this, this no sons grass?

But the emperor was waiting for their reply and if they didn’t say anything, then they would …

A few of them exchanged glances as they frightened, shook their heads, “This subject, this subject, has never seen it before.”

Only the imperial doctor next to the midwife shook a bit as he pressed down on the unease in his eyes.

He had actually heard of it, he had accidentally seen this no sons grass in an ancient book before, but it was a long time ago, and he had already forgotten where he had seen it before.

He didn’t think that there actually was this no sons grass?

But he didn’t dare to hastily open his mouth because he was scared, he was scared that if he did open his mouth and this no sons grass was fake, then he would have no chance at redemption.

If you wanted to survive in the royal palace, the first thing you learn, is to put your safety above all else, including your principles.

“Did you hear that? They all said they’ve never heard of it. So do you have a method of proving this no sons grass? Then this emperor would believe you but … if you can’t, then this emperor will place the offence of deceiving the emperor on your head!”

The emperor narrowed his eyes, his eyes gloomy dark as he looked at Lou Qingwu, whose emotions were indescribable right now.

Lou Qingwu pursed her lips, her icy cold fingers massaging the no sons grass in her hand as she lowered her lids.

She had bet with herself, but who knew, no one else had heard of it either.

But did they actually not recognise it, or did they not dare to speak up?

The laughter in her mouth grew stronger as it carried a scent of harsh and cold indifference.

But even if no one recognised it, she had her own methods.

Her heart was heavy as her eyes flashed a dark light, bring a sense of mocking.

In the eyes of others, her silence looked to others like fear and they couldn’t help but sigh for her.

Her lowered eyes were hidden from everyone’s sight but her cold figure made Xiahou Rui’s eyes flash worry for her.

His fists clenched as his eyes grew darker.

At this time, he definitely wouldn’t let her fall into trouble by herself.

But, just as he was about to speak up for her, a cold and indifferent voice sounded from behind, “This prince can prove it.”


TL Note

No sons grass - the Chinese is actually 绝子草 which means cutting off sons grass, which is short for a phrase in Chinese called “断绝子孙” and that means cutting off sons and completely making extinct your grandchildren, because without sons, you won’t have grandchildren.

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