TFDC Chapter 53.1

Chapter 53.1 - Rejecting him

Lou Qufeng’s birthday quickly came and that night, they were filled with guests.

The Lou residence was extremely lively and peaceful.

In comparison to the market-like atmosphere of the front of the residence, the Leaning Wind Pavilion was completely silent.

Little Bell secretly ran from the front courtyard to the back courtyard.

She pushed open the door and saw the two people sitting there before lowly speaking, “Miss, Miss Lou, Mu Yunqing actually came!”

Lord knows that when she saw that beastly man, she really nearly rushed up and stabbed him to take revenge for her miss!

Hearing his name, the Su Sheng who had been sitting at the vanity table, suddenly shuddered.

The eyebrow brush in Lou Qingwu’s hand missed its target by half an inch.

Immediately, Su Sheng’s pale jade-white skin looked as if it had been sliced by a pale mark.

“You’re nervous?” She took her handkerchief and wiped away the colour to achieve the result she wanted.

Her eyebrows were dark as the beauty was like jade.

It was only a pity that the scar on her right side was too deep.

Half a month was too short for the Yu Fuhua medicine to work completely as the scar was still lightly there.

She used powder to pat her face until it couldn’t be seen and only then did Lou Qingwu straighten up to stand up.

Su Sheng angrily spoke, “... It’s not nerves, it’s excitement. I’ve been thinking about this for too long and now that I can finally take revenge, it doesn’t feel real.”

When she heard his name, her whole body was filled with excitement.

She wanted to see the horror on his face when she saw her.

Would he be scared, would he feel guilty, would he think that she was the person he was thinking of?

Would he be scared to tell his beautiful wife that he had actually done such a terrible and sinful thing?

Once she thought of his uneasiness, she was extremely excited.

Hearing the meaning in her words, Lou Qingwu didn’t reply.

She tilted her head and took a red pellet, used the brush to dab some and bent over to begin drawing carefully in the center of her eyebrows.

Not too long afterwards, a blooming poppy appeared to blossom between her brows and complemented the bewitching nature of Su Sheng’s eyes.

The candle light swayed and her whole person seemed enchanting, in a twist, she was actually not as pretty as she was before.

But this was the result she wanted.

She believed that Mu Yunqing still had affection for Su Sheng, because otherwise, he wouldn’t grip those rosary beads so tight.

However, he was also emotionless because he was able to harm his childhood sweetheart so horrifically for the sake of fame and fortune.

So when he saw the Su Wan’er who looked so much like his childhood sweetheart, would he be affectionate or would he be emotionless?

She … was really looking forward to it.

Su Sheng looked at the person in the bronze mirror and could barely recognise herself.

In half a moment, she bitterly laughed and lifted up her head, “Miss Lou, what would happen if I lose?”

If she couldn’t get those old case files, wouldn’t it be a waste of her time and effort?

“Just do it according to your own way. Even if you can’t get those case files, I have other methods to get them.”

She only wanted Su Sheng’s wish to be fulfilled, whether that was to kill or to maim, Lou Qingwu would still be able to clean up after her.

Because she could understand that feeling, so … Lou Qingwu had an extra bit of pity for her.

Hearing the meaning in her words, Su Sheng’s lips moved but couldn’t speak.

She only viciously closed her eyes, “Miss Lou, I definitely won’t make you disappointed! For you, for the hate that’s kept me going after all those years after that humiliation, I definitely won’t lose.”

She wanted to stand in front of Mu Yunqing again, use Su Wan’er’s identity to make him fall in love with her again and then, let him have a taste of what it feels like to be pushed into hell by your loved one!

She stood up and took off the gauze skirt she was wearing to change into the dark red floor length gauze gown that Lou Qingwu had prepared for her.

She suddenly turned around and winningly smiled, the poppy between her eyes enchanting like a beautiful flower suddenly blossoming, shockingly charming.

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