TFDC Chapter 77.1

Chapter 77.1 - Playing matchmaker for two people

A young man jumped from the second floor, grabbing the other man by his collar.

“Was that true? That Lou Lianxin actually tried to scheme against Miss … Miss Lou like that?”

The man had been shocked by how ferocious the young man looked, “I, I, I, I, I only heard, heard other people say so!”

“Hmph!” The young man humphed and just as he was about to say something, was interrupted by a low and helpless voice.

“Seventh brother?”

The hand that’d been gripping onto the other man’s collar tore away.

He lifted up his head and looked at the man standing on the second floor, by the railing.

“Second brother, how could that woman wrongly accuse Miss Lou like that? And won’t the left prime minister deal with it?”

The man was Xiahou Rui as he helplessly palmed his forehead.

How could he tell his seventh brother that not only did the left prime minister not wanting to deal with that, he even purposely pushed all of the responsibility onto Miss Lou in front of his father-emperor?

But he couldn’t say that.

Not only because there were too many people at the scene, some of those who could be other princes or other important court officials, but because this was an important time for him if he wanted to vie for the position of the crown prince.

He couldn’t afford to make any mistakes now.

If it was before, he might’ve acted out impulsively but from when Miss Lou spoke to him, he’d learnt how to force himself to restrain his impulses.

Acting impulsively never helped anyone.

“Seventh brother, come back first.”

“But …” Xiahou Rui looked at him, a bit angrily.

He wanted to run to the Lou residence right now, grab that Lou Lianxin, string her up and beat her up a good few times, to take revenge for Miss Lou!

But facing against second brother’s dark gaze, he could only purse his lips, begrudging as he slowly headed back up towards the second floor.

His head was dangled low, as he walked steadily.

When he left, the people on the lower floor finally let out a relieved sigh.

After the storyteller spoke a few more words, the atmosphere became lively again.

And the Lou Qingwu inside her room, curled the lips that were drinking tea from the moment that she heard Xiahou Liuyun open his mouth.

She stood up and lifted up the curtain, standing there like an ink painting.

When Xiahou Liuyun walked past, her lip curled, “Gentleman Liuyun?”

Her voice wasn’t live or heavy, but it did come unexpectedly so it shocked Xiahou Liuyun, who then jumped.

He suddenly whipped his head backwards.

Just as he was about to burst into rage, he saw the person in front of him clearly and froze.

He felt like this person was familiar and when he looked for a little longer, his eyes finally brightened.

He pointed at her, unable to speak almost, “You, you, you ….”

The laughter in Lou Qingwu’s mouth grew deeper, “Gentleman Liuyun, it’s been a while.”
This was the first time that she’d seen this straightforward youngster after the imperial banquet.

His defensive words for her made her heart feel comfortable, at the very least, she wasn’t the only person against that Lou Lianxin mother-daughter couple.

Hearing movements from Xiahou Liuyun’s side, XIahou Rui walked over some time ago.
When he saw Lou Qingwu, a light flashed in his dark eyes.

His cold face unknowingly softened, even his deep and low voice carried a sense of gentleness that even he didn’t hear, “We meet again.”

Those few words passed through his lips and made you feel as if you’d sunk into his voice.

“Second gentleman.” For the sake of preventing any eavesdroppers, Lou Qingwu didn’t say their true names.

“Are you free to speak?”

“Of course.” Xiahou Liuyun was the first to be unable to bear it as he strode over to the pearl curtain and flipped it open.

He walked to the room and suddenly saw there was another person in the room too.

He was first shocked before thinking of his own image, looked alertly at Lan Bai.


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    1. If everyone was calm and level headed at all times, it'd make for a very boring novel 😪

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  3. That is so unlike XR temperament, but I like his protectiveness. Thanks

    1. Xiahou Rui's a warm and shy boy but he's also finally realised that he wants to marry LQW 😏😍



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