TFDC Chapter 84.2

Chapter 84.2 - Wanting to kill her

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The empress laughed coldly inside.

She was afraid that he hadn’t changed, but had always been like this and that in all of these years, it’d just been a facade.

In a place where she couldn’t see, he’d been slowly concealing himself and building up his strength.

That was the only way he could suddenly gain the emperor’s mighty approval in a fell swoop that year, in a way that stole all of the other princes’ limelight.

Xiahou Qing acted as if he didn’t notice that there was already an awkward silence between the two, because after all, they weren’t truly mother and son.

“Yes, mother-empress.”
The whole scene had changed because of Xiahou Qing’s sudden appearance.

The empress had originally thought that this could allow for consort Ying to let go of Qingwu but before she could open her mouth and speak, consort Ying seemed to have sensed what she was about to say.

She snatched to speak first, “It seems like big sister’s place is even rowdier than normal. This Lou family’s … Lou Qingwu, right? Shouldn’t you start? Or do you want to against my edict? Or you don’t have the courage to drink it?”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes were still lowered and just as consort Ying was about to lose her patience, slowly lifted up her head, “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh? Then hurry up. Let me see what this godly doctor can do, this so called godly doctor that can even differentiate this “no sons grass”.”

The three words “no sons grass” were bitten strongly, as if she only hated that she couldn’t use those three words to swallow Lou Qingwu whole.

“....” Lou Qingwu’s eyes were cold.

She suddenly realised why this consort Ying, who she had no relations and no feuds with, would suddenly come here to make trouble for her.

She was afraid that in these few days, when they hadn’t noticed, that someone had retold that day’s events and added a lot of details to turn the truth around.

To the point where this consort Ying believed that she had made this consort Ying lose her child, that it was a ploy by the empress and her.

Finally thinking it through, Lou Qingwu calmed down.

She stepped forward to face the three cups of wine, very solemnly picking a cup up to carefully sniff at it.

She thought for a moment before looking towards consort Ying, “Can I use a silver needle?”

Consort Ying coldly laughed, replying to her question with another question, “Oh? This eldest Miss Lou’s so talented, a godly doctor even, and you need to use a silver needle? But aren’t you so much better than the palace’s imperial doctors? If you use a silver needle, then you won’t be able to show off your medical prowess.”

Lou Qingwu: “...........”

To be able to not use a silver needle and see the effect of the poison was something even her senior brother couldn’t do, alright?

Furthermore, she was just a mere mortal that had only been learning about poisons for three years.

She wasn’t some immortal, to be able to use her eyes to see what type of poison it was, and how much there was.

So even though she knew that consort Ying was purposely making things hard for her, as a small little official’s daughter, she couldn’t refuse.

But …. this didn’t mean she didn’t have her own ways.

When the empress heard consort Ying’s words, she unhappily furrowed her brows, “Consort Ying, she’s just a small girl. Aren’t you acting a bit too inappropriately?”

Consort Ying used a handkerchief to dab at her forehead, “Big sister, I’m trying to help her. With all of these princes here, with her display, wouldn’t it be a good thing if one of the princes looked upon her because of her medical skills?”

The empress laughed coldly inside, was she trying to help her or trying to kill her?

But knowing what was going on and actually being able to publicly go against consort Ying, were two different things.

Because of consort Ying’s miscarriage, the emperor doted on her even more, pitied her even more.

On the other hand,he treated his empress even more coldly, even more indifferently.

At times, even ….

But she couldn’t just not do nothing to help Lou Qingwu.

She worriedly gripped her silken handkerchief, wondering how to help consort Ying let go of Qingwu.

Just at that time, a clear voice rang out, “Once Miss Lou decides which cup of wine is not poisonous, this prince will drink it for her.


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