TFDC Chapter 88.2

Chapter 88.2 - Dispirited and at a loss

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It was her own fantastical thinking, her mother had died so many years ago, so how could it be her?

It was only because she hadn’t seen her corpse with her own eyes, so her heart had always believed.

But after so many years, the hope in her heart had died with her tragic death from her past life.

But when she saw such a similar face, she really thought … really thought that this world would still have her closest relative living in it.

Defeated, she shook her head and let the older woman go.

The woman looked at her strangely before hurrying and gripping her handkerchief as she left.

She left Lou Qingwu standing by herself, with a gloomy expression on her face.

Lan Bai chased after Lou Qingwu and finally arrived, seeing Lou Qingwu at a complete loss and so dispirited, couldn’t help but speak, “Master, are you looking for someone?”

“Nothing, let’s go back. I saw wrongly.”

“Ah … oh.”

Lan Bai silently followed her, not knowing if it was her misconception, but she really hadn’t seen her master so lifeless.

She couldn’t help but turn her head around to look again, but with all of the people coming and going, she really couldn’t see much.

She strangely shook her head before quickly following Lou Qingwu.

They hadn’t left for long before two figures stepped out from behind a family store.

The beautiful older woman’s maidservant spoke in a small voice, “Ninth madam, we really should head back. If aloye found out that you snuck out, this servant will get scolded at.”

The beautiful older woman’s voice was weak and gentle, bringing a few hints of comfort, “Don’t worry, he won’t say anything. We can shop around a bit more before going back.”

“That, okay then.”

Not too far away, Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai walked in the opposite direction, slowly walking forward.

When they reached the horse carriage, Lan Bai saw that Lou Qingwu was still walking forward, “Master, the horse carriage is to your right, let’s get on the carriage.”

Lou Qingwu shook her head, “Let the driver go first, I want to walk for a bit.”

“Ah, then I’ll follow master.” She waved her hand to tell the driver to go first as Lan Bai followed Lou Qingwu.

She carefully watched Lou Qingwu’s expression because even though master didn’t say anything, she was sure that she saw someone and that someone caused her to be so dispirited.

Or otherwise, seeing how her master was usually so calm and indifferent, how could she reveal such a dark and upset look?

Lan Bai walked as she thought whereas Lou Qingwu hadn’t fully come back to her senses from before.

So when Lou Qingwu walked past an embroidery store, she accidentally bumped into a girl who had just walked out.

The girl hadn’t spoken before the maidservant behind her couldn’t help but shout, “Hey, you, be careful!”

Lou Qingwu came back to her senses, lifting up her head to look straight at the girl.

But when she saw her face, couldn’t help but freeze.

The girl also looked at Lou Qingwu strangely.

Then, laughed, her finely made up with a red lotus blooming between her eyebrows, “Miss Lou.”

Lou Qingwu calmed down, laughing with her, “Miss Wan’er.”

Or she should say, Su Sheng.

The girl in front of her was indeed the Su Sheng that she hadn’t seen since Lou Qufeng’s banquet.

She looked a lot more livelier than a few days ago, her complexion was flushed like a blooming bone flower, her looks breath-taking.

Adding on to her beautiful voice, it made you slightly drunk just listening to her.

It seemed like she was quite happy at Mu Yunqing’s other residence.

The two people found a room at a tea house, sitting close to the window at the second floor, Su Sheng ushered away the maidservant that followed her.

The maidservant seemed a bit unhappy but didn’t say anything.

Lou Qingwu looked at the servant a bit longer, “Where’s Little Bell?”

“I let her go somewhere else for a few days.”

“She’d leave at this time?” Lou Qingwu asked, strangely.

Suddenly thinking of something, froze, “You purposely made her leave?”

Su Sheng laughed bitterly, “Yes, I’m scared that I might hurt when I move.”

Little Bell hadn’t ever had any real fortune after following her, so she couldn’t burden her any more with her revenge and hatred.

Lou Qingwu rubbed the rim of her tea cup, “You still want to kill Mu Yunqing?”

Su Sheng froze, lowering her eyes, “.... Yes.”

Lou Qingwu sighed, “You’re lying.”


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    1. Mu Yunqing handled the Tang family's case for the Li family and Su Sheng was his childhood sweetheart from before he became an official. But then Su Sheng got sold into prostitution and Mu Yunqing married Li family's daughter, Li Xiangluan 😭😭

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