TFDC Chapter 80.2

Chapter 80.2 - Blind date banquet

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“Master, where is she going?”

Lan Bai came in from outside, asking uncertainly.

Actually, she had a lot more questions but this second madam seemed to be quite upset with her master.

Also what was with the assassination attempt on her master?

“She, ah, is probably going to go to the Ruan residence.”

“Ruan residence? The Ruan family whose part of the big four families in the capital? That one?”

“Yes, that one.”

Ruan Zhen would keep forcing the Ruan family head, time and time again.

She just wanted to see when she’d finally force him to the point of no return.

At that time, when he’d turn around to bite Ruan Zhen, would be a time for some good drama.

Ruan Zhen that day, did actually go to the Ruan residence.

But this time, the Ruan family head didn’t see her.

He even put down some firm words.

She could go out in public and speak out against him, but at that time, he’d also let her have a taste of being completely broken and useless.

Only then was Ruan Zhen truly afraid.

She was very well-behaved and waited outside of the Ruan residence for days, but she still wasn’t able to see the Ruan family head.

At the same time, there was also someone who was breaking his brains, trying to figure out how he was able to see Feng Yege.

Qingge little building, inside.

Feng Shiyi quickly walked and when he reached Feng Yege’s side, lowered his voice and reported, “Master, imperial prince Zong is here again. This is already the tenth time in these few days, do we still reject him outside of our doors?”

Feng Yege carelessly put down another chess piece, not even bothering to raise his head.

“Let him in then.”

Finally getting Feng Yege’s agreement, Feng Shiyi’s eyes lit up.

He’d already grown sick of the imperial prince’s vigorous and endless visits.

If it was an ordinary person, he would’ve just found a casual excuse to reject him.

But this imperial prince not only royalty, he also held a high rank.

He couldn’t offend him, but he also couldn’t go against his master’s orders, so, it could only be like this!

It was a good thing that his master finally agreed, so he immediately told the housekeeper to let him in.

Imperial prince Zong then immediately rushed in, only slowing his steps as he reached outside of Qingge little building.

He steadied his breathing, before smiling as he walked in.

“Night Prince, we haven’t seen each other in many days. I hope you’re well.”

Feng Yege slowly placed the white jade chess piece down, waved his hands for his people to take it away.

Then he sipped the tea that Feng Shiyi brought to him.

“Imperial prince Zong, please sit. It truly has been a while. But, I’d only returned for a few days before the Countess of Chaoxia paid me a visit.”

Imperial prince Zong had only sit down on his seat before hearing this.

It wasn’t right for him to sit but it wasn’t not right for him to sit either.

He gave a hollow laugh, rubbing at the slight sweat beading at his forehead.

“This was this prince’s lack of teaching, I hope the Night Prince won’t hold this against such a small child.”

“Oh? But this wasn’t something that a small child would do.”

His indifferent voice was clear and cool, but made the imperial prince Zong be nearly drenched in sweat.

His eyes flashed nervously, but still forged forward, “This prince knows it was that brat Yiren who was too much. No matter how the Night Prince wants to punish her, this prince will still agree. I only hope that you’ll let her live as I’m already old and only have her as my only daughter …..”

“Oh, the imperial prince Zong doesn’t know what I want to do?”

Imperial prince Zong’s eyes changed completely, “Night Prince ….”

“Giving someone a taste of their own medicine, this, isn’t too much, right?”

“But Miss Lou didn’t ….”

“En?” Feng Yege shot a cold look at him.

Imperial prince Zong shuddered but could only continue, he couldn’t actually let his unmarried daughter actually … suffer that type of punishment.

He really wouldn’t be able to take it.

Furthermore, it’d drive Yiren crazy so he could only thicken his old face and continue to beg.

“Night Prince, this prince can only thicken his face and beg you this one time, just as if you’re looking upon how I helped your father, the old prince, so many times. Even if you don’t look at the monk, you have to look at the Buddha. Please let Yiren go, just this once. I’ll definitely watch her even more strictly from now on!”


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Did everyone forget about the Countess of Chaoxia? (I did)

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  1. ... I remember her name... ... I don't remember what she tried to do to LQW though besides barking like a dog. >_>; Can only barely remember it got physical somehow. Something about her wondering why someone of LQW's status could go in and out of his residence whereas she couldn't right?

    Angry Feng Yege is fun Feng Yege, he needs to go HULK SMASH more often.

    1. Yeah she was a bit nippy. She waved her whip around and tried to hit LQW but Feng Yege grabbed the whip and got his hand all bloody instead. Disastrous if it hit LQW's face.

      Feng Yege's not the muscular type so he doesn't get to smash anything 😞😞

    2. She's along with LLX are the ones who planned to let LQW lose her virginity . Maybe FY found out about it?

    3. You don't have to be muscular to smash thing~

      The other scenario is a possibility too, but not directly connected to FY so I don't think the countess' father would expect FY to take interest in that. ... Moreover given the warped way ancient chinese novels are sometimes, maybe FY taking her virginity would be a good thing for her. :P

      ... okay fine he'd probably just get some hoodlums to do it but... whatever okay! Leave me to my delusions!

    4. Oh man, I almost forgot about that (and the author too probably). The countess didn't actively plan for it, just provided the man power that LLX needed (which ultimately backfired on her so karma?)

    5. Maybe I should've said violent? FY's a total gentleman 💕💕

      If they do lose their virginity, they lose their ranking and might get demoted to concubine if they lost it to the person who they're marrying. Otherwise it's death unless their parents can cover it up, or to the nunnery until everyone forgets 😣😣

  2. wow i already forgot about her, yes.... fodder indeed...

    thanks for the update <3

    1. She's too easily forgotten 😭😭

      Thanks for reading 😙😙

  3. I finally can comment. The comment box only shows up if my phone is rotated sideways.

    Anyways the dad is just as irritating as the daughter. He's asking for forgiveness but also guilting him into.

    Since Yege was whipped it's only fair that he gets to whip the princess back.

    1. That's strange. Is it because there are ads or is there just no comment box? I think you have to manually cick 'add comment' on mobile.

      Her father's just trying to get what's best for his daughter which means tough luck for everyone else 🤷

      But the countess has a father who loves her whilst LQW's father is trash 😭😭

    2. LQW's father considered daughters as properties to exchange for his future.


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