TFDC Chapter 89.2

Chapter 89.2 - Greedy for warmth

But when she opened her mouth, her eyes carelessly fell on something and suddenly froze.

It was like she’d just discovered something as she suddenly whipped her head to the side.

She stared fixedly at the street below the second floor of the tea house.

There, there were two figures who had just come out.

The male, was handsome and refined, the female, beautiful and charming.

They leaned close together, their eyes locked on each other, bringing about a sense of lingering and love.

Su Sheng only felt like her chest had been hit hard with something, biting hard on her lips.

But even then, she couldn’t help her face from going pale with disbelief.

Lou Qingwu discovered her strange reaction and followed her eyes.

When she saw Mu Yunqing’s figure, her pupils rapidly shrunk, there was a bit of disbelief, Mu Yunqing?

“Who’s the girl by his side?”

“ …. Li, Li Xiangluan.” Su Sheng started shaking.

She suddenly stood up, her whole body frenzied.

He clearly told her that he was going to the justice department, so why would he be with Li Xiangluan?

He was lying to her?

Su Sheng’s reaction made Lou Qingwu’s face change, she strode forward and held onto her shoulder.

“Su Sheng, calm down first. Maybe it’s not like what it seems.”

Su Sheng shook her head, suddenly pushing away Lou Qingwu as she ran down stairs.

From afar, Lan Bai and that maidservant saw and hurried to follow them.

Lou Qingwu had already ran after her.

Below the second level, she saw su Sheng go into an alleyway as Lou Qingwu quickly followed her.

But at the alleyway, she only saw Su Sheng standing as if she was frozen.

Her eyes were like empty holes, like when she’d first seen her, or maybe even a bit worse than then.

Or at least, back then, she had hatred in her eyes, so she wasn’t completely lifeless.

But the Su Sheng right now, was like as if the life had been sucked out of her, leaving only a completely lifeless shell of a body.

Lou Qingwu walked to her side, but Su Sheng grabbed her arm.

At the same time, the alleyway sounded Mu Yunqing’s voice, “.... why did you appear so suddenly, what if she found out?”

“But husband, you’ve spent all of these days with her, I’m not happy.”

LI Xiangluan’s words were delicate and spoilt, making Su Sheng’s face even paler.

Mu Yunqing: “What, you’re thinking of your husband? When I find out what that woman’s motive is, I’ll deal with her and then your husband will move back to the residence. Who knows why she suddenly appeared? If I wasn’t afraid of what happened back then being revealed, aye. These days, facing that woman, I’ve been thinking about you non stop. It’s only my wife that treats me the best, not like that woman, icy cold. Just thinking about how she used to be at ‘that’ kind of place, and being xxxx’ed by so many people …. My heart only has one person in it, be good.”

“But, thinking about how you’re with her every day,  my heart feels uncomfortable …”

“It’s all your husband’s fault. Wife, wait for a few more days. She seems to believe me, so in a few more days, when she believes more, I’ll find an even further place to sell her. Then we can live happily with no worries.”

“Then husband, hurry up. That vixen, she’s just annoying to see.”

“Yes, yes, even your husband’s annoyed of her.”


The incessant sounds sounded from the alleyway and out to them.

Lou Qingwu’s brows were furrowed deeply as she tried to look over.

She saw Mu Yunqing and Li Xiangluan hugging each other, so intimate that her brows were continuing to furrow deeper, it shouldn’t be like this ….

Mu Yunqing hid himself so deeply?

But when she saw that rosary bead bracelet, no, she definitely had to ask clearly.

She stepped forward a single step before being pulled back by Su Sheng.

Lou Qingwu turned back around, facing Su Sheng’s teary eyes.

She shook her head, biting down on her lips as she tried to stop her cries from escaping her lips.

She held onto Lou Qingwu, begging piteously, her voice hoarse, “Please … don’t go … don’t go …”

Lou Qingwu’s eyes were slightly watery, but ….

She just felt like something was strange, but Su Sheng’s begging eyes made her unable to do anything.


TL note:

Mu Yunqing??? Li Xiangluan is his wife.

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  1. Is he... acting as double agent? I mean, he did that to save Su Sheng (in his mind) . Else, why would he be keeping and wearing the rosary beads and panicked when it was broken?

    Oh dear.. i think it would be a tragic Ending for this couple. She is so gonna bring him down!

    1. That would be an interesting scenario, extremely melodramatic though. His actions definitely don't match up to his actions here which is curious. What I can tell you, is that it's definitely going to end badly 😫😫

    2. To be honest, I wouldn't care why he did it. The point is that he did it, so if I was Su Sheng, I definitely won't be able to forgive him.

    3. If he did it, I'd also be super upset 💀💀

  2. A curious condition.

    Mu Yunqing kind of needs to clear this up. Right now. Otherwise Su Sheng's going to do something that he'll regret for the rest of his life. ... Again.

    I wouldn't mind understanding wtf is going on either ~_~;

    1. So many situations could be cleared up with proper communication but Su Sheng's scared of facing the truth. If Mu Yunqing was actually selling her off, she definitely wouldn't be able to take it and would probably die on the spot 😭😭

      It's a bit confusing but it'll clear up soon 🙇🏻‍♀️

    2. Well... if he doesn't clear things up this time, he's going to have to live with the consequences. He already lost her once~

      He's going to do so again if he doesn't consult her~

    3. He doesn't know that he has to clear up anything in the first place. This guy's just scored high on the scholar's list and come back home to find out that his fiancee's run off with another man. If anything, he'd think that Su Sheng should explain 🤷🤷

  3. don't tell me dumbarse is a twin? that is the only way he can redeemed himself right now!!!! or at least lets kill someone already i be waiting for blood shed for a while now since she's return to the capital!!!

    cliffhangers are so frustrating why!!!

    1. Ah, the good old twin ploy. Mu Yunqing's a single child from what I remember and if anything, LQW only hopes that Su Sheng will be able to live happily and move on. Drowning yourself in hatred is never the option 😫😭

  4. Obviously, the Mu guy is a scum. No question whether he's a double agent or not. He's not worthy of a second chance. Without a doubt, he will end up receiving a good beating.

    1. Mu Yunqing's moral compass is a bit questionable. But his love or maybe guilt towards Su Sheng should probably be true, or why else would he still be wearing her rosary beads? 🤔🤔

    2. but is that really Mu Yunqing? I think now and back then as well it was just someone disguised as him

    3. That would be convenient for Mu Yunqing 🤔

  5. I think the pain Su Sheng feels right now is something she did to herself so I don't pity her.. I just feel indignant and thinks about it was her own fault she is hurt... You know, love can very sweet as it is bitter,.. But the one to blame is her own stupidity.. She suffered hell but that wasn't enough for her,, she just had to forgive the very devil who pushed her in it and call it love.. It cheapens the meaning of the word.. I can't find good feelings in my heart for her.. She is courting her own death,, what more can we say??!! The joke's on her!!

    Mu Yunqing, on the other hand, have feelings for her, but also value his position more.. He is the kind of man who will choose money and fame and set aside his true love.. So he's a jerk but we already know that..

    Li Xiangluan is being used but she likes it.. so she and Mu yunqing suits each other so much..

    Lou Qingwou should stop being too concerned with Su girl. She saved her and helped her enough already.. You see, you can only help someone so much esp. those who doesn't have self-preservation. Su girl is someone willing to throw her own face and her dignity for love.. That trait is very troublesome and annoying..

    1. To a degree, I agree with what you're saying but I also think Su Sheng must have really loved him, if she was able to forgive him for what he did. She's obviously still quite conflicted about whether or not she can believe him again and whether or not she can fully forgive him - which is fair.

      This can only go two ways. If Mu Yunqing was being framed, then Su Sheng would be right forgiving him and she could even get a happy ending. But if Mu Yunqing is seriously the greedy and power hungry guy that she thinks he is, marrying Li Xiangluan for her father's help, then Su Sheng shouldn't have forgiven him and she'll just end up dying by his hands.

      It's not as clear cut or easy to be in Su Sheng's position because this was the boy that she grew up with and fell in love with. LQW also knows her predicament and understands how it feels to be betrayed by someone who you thought was your whole world, LQW even put her life on the line for Xiahou Qing. Everyone just has their choices and all choices have their own consequences 😔😭😭

  6. argh!! my gosh!! SS you're so frustrating and annoying!! just kill that bastard already!! I'm dying from frustration over here!

    1. Su Sheng's just crazy in love. This arc will be over soon 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

  7. SQ never learned her lesson.

    1. I have a love-hate relationship with Su Sheng 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Isn’t just someone that is disguise as Mu guy? :v

  9. There has to be a deeper plot ah? Can't be that two face right?

    1. I'd hope so. Otherwise, this would be a lot of buildup for a very mediocre ending 😤😤

  10. +1 vote he's a fake!

    1. I feel like there are equal amounts of "he's trash" and "he's a fake" 😫🤔

  11. Here's a twist: Mu Yunqing either have a split personality or that he have a twin XD


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