TFDC Chapter 83.2

Chapter 83.2 - Three cups of poisonous wine

The fact that the empress and this most doted concubine didn’t get along, wasn’t news.

But the emperor just liked doting on this consort Ying, so they didn’t dare to publicly offend her.

They could only lower their eyes, calmly watching as the situation changed.

When Xiahou Liuyun saw consort Ying, he wanted to suddenly stand up, but was dragged down by Xiahou Rui.

Xiahou Liuyun was furious and frustrated, “Second brother! That woman …”

“Whatever she’s like, she’s still our father-emperor’s consort.”
Xiahou Rui lowered his voice.

At this moment, it seemed like this consort Ying was coming with ill intentions.

If at this time, seventh brother offended her like this, it’d only cause headaches for their mother-empress.

It’d be better if they just dealt with things as they came.

The empress’ facial expression wasn’t good either but that was only for a quick second.

She generously opened waved her hands, “It’s little sister, why aren’t you resting at Liuhua palace? What made you think to come to this palace?”

“Isn’t it just because I heard that big sister’s palace is busy today and I like busy palace. I told the emperor and he agreed to let me come.”

“If the emperor said so, then little sister should hurry and sit down.”

Who couldn’t pretend to generous and welcoming?

The empress’ eyes coldened.

To come join in this busy palace?

It was most likely because she heard that the second prince would get a consort, so she couldn’t control herself, right?

But did she really think that even if she could block this right now, that she’d be able to block it for the rest of her life?

There was nothing in her stomach right now, so who knows if she’d be able to give birth?

The empress swept her eyes at consort Ying’s stomach, her mouth corners showing laughter.

Consort Ying also saw her meaning as she angrily bit down on her lip.

Her dyed red nails dug into the palace maid’s arm, leaving a red scar before laughing, “Thank you, big sister.”

But she didn’t know if she’d still be able to laugh in a few minutes!

She gently and weakly wandered over, stopping slightly by Lou Qingwu’s side as she swept her eyes at her, smirking as she curled a lip corner.

Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes, looking at the pink that appeared by her feet as she furrowed her brows.

Consort Ying only stopped for a moment before walking towards the empress’ side and sitting down.

She looked at below the stage, “Just then, wasn’t that the left prime minister’s daughter, Miss Lou? I heard that when I was having trouble giving birth, it was this Miss Lou who took the opportunity during my time of difficulty, to save me. Little sister really admires Miss Lou’s medicinal skills.”

Lou Qingwu: “..........”

Was this getting shot even though she was lying low?

Hearing consort Ying mention her, according to convention, she wasn’t allowed to talk back.

She could only stand up, walk to the center, “Consort Ying’s falsely praising, this subject girl only has very little skill and isn’t worthy of praise.”

“But I’m very curious. Why does Miss Lou give us a show, to broaden my horizons?”

Consort Ying lazily blew her dyed red nails, glancing askance at the empress by her side with a cold face.

“Big sister wasn’t planning on hiding her, right?”

The empress pursed her lips, forcing a smile, “How could I? If little sister’s already opened her mouth, then Qingwu, please show us your medical skills for consort Ying.”

Lou Qingwu’s brows furrowed deeply, “Yes.”

“Showing is just boring.” This was clearly just a flower viewing banquet, but this consort Ying kept creating trouble, making a mess of the banquet.

“Why don’t I change a method to make things more interesting.”

“What’s consort Ying’s method?” The empress gripped the arm supporting her to the side tightly.

“How, hmm …” Consort Ying's laughter was unlikable.

She clapped her hands as her palace maid brought out a tray that was covered with yellow brocade.

It was hard to see what it was.

Up until it was presented in front of Lou Qingwu, did the palace maid lift up the cloth and reveal three cups of wine.

At the same time, consort Ying’s voice rang out by Lou Qingwu’s ear, “Among these three cups, only one cup doesn’t have poison. If Miss Lou can tell which wine has poison and which doesn’t, drink the one that’s not poisonous, then I’ll believe you. But if you drink the wine that has poison …”

She innocently shook her head, “Then I can only say that Miss Lou’s talent is really lacking. I really did give you options …”

Lou Qingwu: “............”

The empress’ expression darkened even more, this was clearly making trouble for that child, Lou Qingwu!

Behind the noble misses, Xiahou Rui’s expression was even colder, nearly standing up before being pressed down by Xiahou Liuyun, “Second brother!”

Xiahou Rui grit his teeth, restraining himself from exploding.

Consort Ying, “What, you don’t dare to?”

Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes, pursing her lips.

Did this consort Ying not plan for her to leave this palace alive?

How did she offend her?

Just as this pavilion was about to sink into a hostile environment, a deep voice suddenly sounded from afar, “Empress-mother, did your son come late?”

The man’s voice rang out and everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at him.

Only when Lou Qingwu heard that voice, her originally calm face completely disappeared.

Her whole body stiffened as she stood dazedly, tightening her lips in disbelief.

The tall and handsome man slowly walked into the pavilion.

As he walked closer and closer, Lou Qingwu slowly turned around, extremely slowly.

She lifted up her head, seeing that man being haloed by the sunlight.

His unfamiliar yet familiar face fell into her eyes as her mind suddenly went blank.

Her ear sounded out the other party’s light sigh that was filled with deep emotion: Qingwu, in this lifetime, with you by my side, it’s enough.

But in the next moment, the scene changed.

Fresh blood dripped down, and instead, his face was filled with disgust and impatience, “Lou Qingwu, why haven’t you died yet?

Ha ha ha ha …..

A bloodthirsty coldness rose slowly from the bottom of Lou Qingwu’s eyes, finally becoming a blank hatred.

She stared at that man who walked closer and closer to her.

Xiahou Qing …..

It’s been a long time.


TL note:

The emperor’s wife and concubines - even all the other officials’ women, address each other as big sister or little sister, depending on seniority and age. The empress is the legitimate wife, so she gets to be the big sister, everyone else is a little sister - they’re not blood related, it’s just a way of addressing each other.

Xiahou Qing isn’t the empress’ actual son, his mother is someone else but he was raised by the empress so she’s his mother by name. All the other princes have to call the empress mother too actually, because she’s the emperor’s wife.

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