TFDC Chapter 83.1

Chapter 83.1 - Three cups of poisonous wine

“Hey! What are you saying! Don’t mistake other people’s good intentions!”

Lan Bai heard her speak and immediately, was angered.

Seeing her like that, don’t even say that the second prince would look upon her, he probably wouldn’t even reluctantly glance at her in passing.

She also had to wait three years.

In those three years, who knew which girl would get lucky between now and then.

Furthermore, did she really think that just based on her coquettish flirting, pretending to be pitiful, that the second prince would actually give her a second look?

She really was dreaming!

Lou Yun’er began to cry even harder.

She pointed at her as she sobbed, “Big sister, look! Your servant’s constantly picking at and bullying me, aren’t you going to deal with her? Is your true sister more important or this servant?”

Eyes from all four directions watched Lou Qingwu as her emotions got even worse.

For some reason, she kept having a feeling that something was going to happen today.

She was already feeling irritable and frustrated.

She finally lost her patience with Lou Yun’er as her eyes coldly lifted up and swept at her.

In that single eye, Lou Yun’er suddenly felt as if her whole back had been blown with cold wind.

She silently shrunk back, hearing Lou Qingwu say, “True sister? I don’t remember my mother giving birth to another sister. According to our identities, i’m legitimate born and you’re concubine born. I’m the eldest, you’re the youngest. According to age, I’m the older sister, you’re the younger sister. The old saying is that older sister is like a mother so do you speak like that with the fourth madam? Also, why do you think that I’d help you match make? Is that how the fourth madam teaches your normally? To not differentiate between elders?”

The last five words made Lou Yun’er completely dumbstruck.

Normally, in her own pavilion, she was the king of the castle and did whatever she liked.

She’d never known that a person could have such an imposing enough aura, an aura that could even stifle your breath.

Her whole body was shaking.

She wilted in an instant, suddenly thinking of her second sister’s ending.

She uneasily shook herself off, lowering her eyes as she shook her head, “No, no, Yun’er … doesn’t dare to.”

“Then you should just sit quietly, or otherwise, leave.”

When she coldly finished speaking, Lou Qingwu’s patience had finally worn out.

After seeing that she was indeed sitting quietly, Lou Qingwu then turned to the other side.

Lan Bai had just let out a relieved breath.

She’d been scared that her master would just let this third miss continue behaving like that.

According to how she was behaving, she was really scared that one day, it’d pull down her master too, and at that time, they’d be in big trouble.

The other noble misses had seen enough before snickering and chittering among themselves as they hid their mouths behind their handkerchiefs.

Lou Qingwu just pretended not to see them.

“The empress has arrived ---”

A voice reported as the empress wore a phoenix gown, she walked in supported by her senior aid as she leisurely walked in.

Her dignified air made everyone in the pavilion stand up.

They all respectfully paid their courtesies, “We respectfully welcome the empress, the empress will live for a thousand years!”

“You’re all good children, come. Just treat today’s banquet like a family dinner, don’t bother about those empty courtesies.”

The empress sat at the head seat, her eyes bringing happiness.

Her eyes fell on the noble misses and satisfied, nodded her head.

But when she saw Lou Qingwu, slightly froze.

She didn’t think that Lou Qingwu would actually come.

She looked at the Xiahou Rui behind her for a moment longer, noticing that his eyes were on Lou Qingwu too.

She was immediately relieved.

Originally, she heard that he hadn’t wanted to marry at all and the empress wasn’t willing to force him either.

But seeing that she was willing to come here, did that mean she was also interested in Rui’er?

She didn’t originally want him to get a consort so early but the emperor’s attitude forced her to reconsider.

The emperor actually dared to privately want to use Xiahou Rui’s unmarried status to reject him for the position of the crown prince, then if he was rude first, constantly thinking of giving that position to consort Ying’s unborn son, then he couldn't blame her for striking first!

She gave her senior aid a look before she stepped forward.

“Today is the rose hibiscus festival. For the sake of making this more enjoyable, the empress has added a little prize.”

As the senior aid spoke, a eunuch pushed an item that was covered with a red brocade cloth.

At the same time, the senior aid continued, “This is the prize. If any noble miss can display an extraordinary talent, then, this prize will be hers.”

The senior aid didn’t say what the prize was but below the stage, those noble misses had already been notified previously.

The prize was just a symbol, they all understood the meaning of it.

Whoever took that prize home, would most likely become the second prince’s consort.

At the same time, they all started rubbing their palms in excitement in their hearts.

But this excitement was quickly interrupted by a mocking voice, “Oh, it’s really bustling here with big sister.”

Everyone froze as they turned to see the person who had just arrived.

They saw this girl being supported by a palace maid as she twisted her hips with each step.

She was extremely young, wearing a light pink palace outfit that gave her pale complexion, a bit of a glow.

She was an extreme beauty, but there was a gentleness that exuded from her bones that made everyone unable to help but pity her.

Lou Qingwu had seen this girl before once.

It was at the emperor’s banquet, the consort Ying who was suffering a difficult birth.

But this was the Kunning palace, how could she be here?

Everyone’s expressions became strange as they saw consort Ying.

The fact that the empress and this most doted concubine didn’t get along, wasn’t news.


TL note:

Ooooo, so the reason why LQW was unprepared for this blind date banquet, is because in her past lifetime, no one saved consort Ying’s child.

The empress would’ve been sentenced to the cold palace for killing consort Ying’s unborn child so there wouldn’t have even been this festival because they would’ve been worrying about how to save their own necks and not marriage.

This entire chapter was over 2k words long orzz

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