TFDC Chapter 81.1

Chapter 81.1 - Hereditary prince

Feng Yege listened expressionlessly and after he finished speaking, slowly spoke.

“If it wasn’t out of consideration for the old prince, I would’ve struck her already.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“But as the imperial prince Zong has mentioned my father, then I’ll have to give you some face, but …”

The imperial prince Zong shuddered, “Night Prince, please speak.”

“From now on, whenever Miss Lou is, the Countess of Chaoxia must retreat and avoid her. Is it possible for the imperial prince to do so?”

“That is, of course, of course! I’ll definitely do it when I get back.”

“Good, now that that’s done. There’s one more thing that’s been proving a difficulty, I don’t know if the imperial prince Zong could me out?”

The imperial prince Zong froze, there was something that the Night Prince couldn’t accomplish?

“Could I ask, what it is?”

“Oh, it’s nothing really. It’s just that the emperor’s been on this throne for quite and while and still hasn’t set up a crown prince. Who does the imperial prince feel is most suitable for the role of the crown prince?”

“That … this prince doesn’t know.”

He didn’t normally interfere with his royal brother’s way of thinking.

In fact, in this current court, the most suitable person would be the second prince and it normally would’ve been his without a question.

But then this consort Ying came out of nowhere, bewitched his royal brother, cried and howled, threatening to commit suicide.

Royal brother doted on her and suddenly wasn’t willing to set the second prince as the crown prince.

For the sake of protecting himself, the imperial prince Zong, had only watched from the sidelines.

But after this reminder from the Night Prince, he thought, did he suddenly want to enter the race for the crown prince?

But his identity was …

“Night Prince, what do you mean?”

Feng Yege slowly stood up, his whole person elegant, giving off an almost unreal feeling.

“My meaning is that, in a few days, Su Gelao and the old general will recommend a person. At that time, I hope that the imperial prince Zong would also be able to approve. Do you understand?”

The imperial prince Zong froze and immediately agreed. “Understood.”

It seems like this court’s power balance was about to be irrevocably changed.

When the imperial prince Zong walked out of the Night Prince’s residence, his whole silk brocade robe was soaked in sweat.

When the housekeeper saw him outside, he immediately pulled a short stool over and lifted up the carriage’s curtain.

The imperial prince Zong bent at the waist to enter, but couldn’t help but take a second look at the Night Prince residence’s sign.

He sighed, unable to decide whether his choice was correct.

The housekeeper by the side saw he walked in and immediately removed the stool.

He was unable to help himself but ask, “Prince, why are you so afraid of this Night Prince? He’s just a hereditary prince, his position isn’t as high as yours, so …”

“Don’t say this ever again. You wouldn’t understand.”

That person’s identity, how could it be so simple as to just being a hereditary prince …

A low sigh slowly disappeared into the night.

He just didn’t know, why would this Night Prince, who never bothered with Dongyu country’s court, suddenly intervene in this affair?

Once the Night Prince decided to intervene, then the person that he supported, would definitely rapidly rise to finally sit on the throne.

He just hoped that there wouldn’t be any unexpected incidences.

In the next few days, the court started to become restless, everyone started to feel panicky.

By this time, the annual rose hibiscus festival had come and those noble girls and official’s daughters with the palace tablets, would rise bright and early to do their makeup to get ready to enter the palace.

It wasn’t known what Lou Qufeng did but he managed to somehow get another palace tablet.

So that early morning, Lou Qingwu brought the third sister Lou Yun’er, who she hadn’t since she’d come back to the Lou residence, to Kunning palace and into the reception pavilion.


TL note:

Hereditary prince - Feng Yege’s quite obviously not the son of the emperor, instead, the son of a previous Night Prince. When the old prince (his father) died, Feng Yege inherited his title which also means that in everyone else’s eyes, he didn’t do anything to achieve this title and simply inherited his nobility and rank without royal blood like the imperial prince.

Casually commits treason by suggesting that the emperor should be removed - no biggie. Feng Yege’s just super sneaky.

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      Treason to plot with other court officials to support a person on the throne, also indirectly pressuring the old emperor to abdicate. Officials forming power cliques was super frowned upon then. But FY has power so the old emperor can go cry to his concubines 🤷😤

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